Friday, February 22, 2008

Okular on Windows

We are shortly before the first distribution of the kdegraphics package from the snapshot sources 4.0.63 with support for pdf files using poppler.
I have worked most of my time on the buildsystems of poppler, freetype and fontconfig - since poppler is integrating the cmake buildsystem thanks to Pino Toscano (who wrote the cmake files) I got even more work as I have to merge the patches to their git repository. This brings a lot of fun when you do not have a native git (until now I haven't found a usable native git version) and some changes needed for msvc cannot easily be brought upstreams.
I have to admit that I have stopped providing new packages on my own server - this makes no sense in the moment since Dirk Mueller is providing snapshots of KDE roughly every week which makes my own packages not needed anymore.
I will probably set up the mirror again in the next weeks so that extra packages that are freshly available can be used with the last snapshots. Looking into my crystal ball I can see that even though koffice isn't in a good state yet, it has reached the state where it builds most of the time and where we can provide a package.

Btw: I will not attend Fosdem since it is over 1000km away - I will be at CeBit on tuesday and probably wednesday though. If you're there too, you want to see how good looking KDE on Windows is and want to chat a bit, just come around to the KDE booth.

Friday, February 1, 2008

kgpg: saroengels->beercounter++;

First of all I have to tell all those that do not know it:
I come from Germany and I don't like beer.
I drink wine and most other 'alcoholic beverages' but I don't drink beer. That means it is only of theoretical value if you promise to give out a beer.
But if you do, I will take that as a sport - and hopefully find a way to do what you want:
I was asked how well kgpg of kdeutils worked and as it wasn't on my build list before, I added a script and tried it out: and it crashed.
So far I couldn't really get something useful out of kgpg so I took out gdb and tested a bit: and it turned out that right after running gpg through a QProcess kgpg segfault'ed. I didn't had gpg installed at that time, so I thought that a test for existance could be the problem. And yes - after I installed it, kgpg worked like a charm (although import of keys doesn't work).
I haven't yet made a patch, maybe the QProcess should be ported to KProcess and obviously the existance of gpg and the path of gpg should be searched for in advance. Maybe this is already within the code, I don't know.

But a beer I have earned anyway! ;-)