Monday, August 8, 2011

Desktop summit midtime summary

Ok, the first 3 days of desktop summit have passed, I met a lot of old friends, met some new people, looked into some issues in several projects, went to the parties....

One of the things that comes to my mind from time to time is software accessibility, so I heart both the talks of Frederik Gladhorn about Qt accessibility and Peter Grasch about simon, a voice recognition software. He already provides a windows installer (based on KDE on Windows), so now I am trying to integrate simon into emerge so that it can be distributed both within the KDE on Windows installer and with a self contained NSIS installer.

The second thing I looked at was skrooge, I fixed some build errors and so I expect that skrooge will be in the next KDE on Windows release. Which actually also brings me to the next point:

The next binary release is near, at the moment we are preparing the release, update the 3rdparty libraries, cleaning up our buildserver etc. (well, it is mostly TheOneRing doing it - a big thank you over here). In a couple of days we will start again the builds, so binaries will be there in some weeks time too. We are not yet sure which software we package, I will probably announce this again, if you have special wishes, please let us know on our mailing list: or here in the comments.