Thursday, March 6, 2008

Who is first on the Planet?

This is the KDE booth if no people are around:

we are playing now: who is first on the planet - it is so great!

UPDATE: since not everybody might know all the faces and since Dakon already said he doesn't know them - here the names in the first picture:
A visitor, Franz Keferböck, Rolf Eike Beer, Frederik Gladhorn (with the long hair), Andreas Hartmetz (part of the solution), Sven Krohlas and Manuel Nickschas from Amarok, above my free laptop, and again only from the back Eckhart Wörner.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

CeBIT 2008: Intro

This is the first post from CeBIT - We are here in the LinuxPark at the very end of hall 5. Currently we are 4 people - danimo, tackat, eckhart and /me.

Today in the morning I entered the train and the first handouts were already given in the train. Then I meet tackat in front of the exhibition center and we got into our small booth. The booth box arrived at around 13:00 and danimo arrived only shortly after that ;-).
People really want to know a lot from the basics of FOSS to the features of KDE on Windows. We try to give as much as we need - since KDE is so cool...
Btw. kind regards of the amarok folks, they don't have network access;-)
Some more fotos will follow as soon as I get my camera back...