Thursday, April 10, 2008

far away

I haven't posted for a longer time now, so here is the update. In the last weeks I have been working both on my summer of code applications (for marble) and on my university stuff. Kdegraphics is already within the KDE on windows stuff for some weeks - just some little problems in the fontconfig and poppler packages stay (the configuration files are not in the correct place).
Right now I am on an island at the Baltic Sea called Hiddensee in a small village called Vitte. I needed nearly two days to get my computer into the internet (I have written this post offline) since there is currently only one internet cafe (Sanddorneck) and one T-Online hotspot (Cafe Sundevit/Hotel Töwerland). Both are quite expensive so I always have to be quite fast.
On the other hand I have no stress and I can enjoy the beautiful landscape (and eat fish). Just to give you a small impression: