Tuesday, January 29, 2008

fontconfig and poppler

As I already stated earlier, I was recently fixing the buildscripts for freetype, fontconfig and poppler. For all of them I have a patch now which gives them cmake based buildscripts instead of autotools+derivatives and which fixes some errors so that they compile on both compilers.
Of course there is plenty of room for improvement left - freetype and fontconfig should be able to use the system zlib as a dependency (that is disabled for now), fontconfig and poppler have a lot of if(MSVC) parts now and poppler is linking against kdewin32 - which should not be the case - according to Christian. Plus I want to integrate poppler-data into poppler-src - even if that is not the original intention of the author.
It seems there is a lack of communication sometimes - direct as well as indirect (via a blog e.g.).
I hope this improves within the next time.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

free type

For Okular one needs more or less poppler, this requires again fontconfig and freetype.
Thanks to Pino, poppler has a cmake based buildsystem, fontconfig got one as well and today I finished freetype. So what should I say - fontconfig doesn't build yet under msvc, but I am currently at it.
Freetype works now though - and I think that was the major problem until now.
So look forward to a package release of kdegraphics soon.

good night

Sunday, January 20, 2008

kplato missing

I haven't forgotten or disabled kplato of course - I only thought that those pictures are enough.
Wished by one reader, here comes kplato:

and here some more stuff:

Just some more answers:
kexi is just slightly different - and about looks one can argue (a free translation from german). I find the new look kexi introduces quite good - and it integrates far better to windows imho.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Koffice - kool and unstable

Ok, here are the screenshots from my recent windows build of koffice (kdepim might follow).
Some notes:

kspread died when I entered '!' instead of '1'

kivio cannot delete objects - this probably doesn't work in other koffice apps too.

kexi looks wonderful, but is the only app from the kde project that does not detach from the cmd.exe window - why I don't know.

and last: kword does not like @ signs - this was fixed in kate already by chehrlic (function keyPressEvent) but I couldn't find it in koffice (I haven't looked a lot).

I will post the kdepim screenshots later - kmail isn't working anyway, kaddressbook has severe problems and kontact doesn't like me.

So far,

Release Party

I just came home from my clausura now, and I should have gone to the Release Party at KDAB - that would have given me more.
I haven't written in a longer time now; please forgive me.
After the release of KDE 4.0 the kde-windows project decided to stay in trunk - most applications like koffice, amarok and kdepim aren't released yet anyway so no need to make other releases of the branch. Be aware that this might decrease stability - people might work more and change the codebase again.
That said - I will hopefully restart releasing new packages for mingw on my server again on monday night. There is some new stuff that works now:
Finally kdepim works again - that means applications like akregator, kleopatra and kontact work now. Kmail is built but has a big error which isn't solved yet - the checking for a running application are useless under windows. There is just one small thing for users of emerge: you have to build kdepimlibs first and then install kdepimlibs-test (from testing) over it.
then you can build kdepim.
As I said, koffice is working too, after I fixed some minor problems with the export macros.
For those of you who like some screenshots, I will post some before I go.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Truly, our responsibility to spread the Gospel of the Gnu is weighty.
Cleave to what is good. Remember the words the prophet Stallman
brought down from the Mount MIT, graved in Lisp on tablets of
crystalline lambda calculus.

Only this true: Emacs is pure.
All else is false.
Do not be misled by false gods like Vi, the Editor of the Beast.
Do not be seduced by Word, the Scarlet Woman of Babylon.
Do not be driven to madness by Xcode, the Blind Priest of the Children of Asherath.

When the wild winds of chaos blow, stay pure.
When the universe collapses in shards around you, stay holy.
When the gibbering hobgoblins of apostate Editors attack with shards
of broken syntax, seek the crystalline stillness within you.

Brethren, ensure that you (Meta-x-say-[[hallel]]-to-Emacs) daily for otherwise you will be lost.
When the Beast comes, only Emacs can save you.

This was brought to you as a public service by the Holy and Ineffable Church of The Mighty Emacs.
HEART OF A VILE VI USER TO emacs-highpriest@god-hates-vi-users

I prefer VI.