Thursday, December 18, 2008


As I already said, I wanted to work a bit on okular again and I am nearly done now.
Today and yesterday I added support for djvu-files and for Microsoft's Compressed HTML Help (chm) to okular. For both libraries there are now two patches for making them build with CMake ;-).
The library of djvu seems to work fine, chm has some problems with zooming though. I am not sure whose problem this is, but definitely that will need a clear head so I won't look at it now.

Another new feature will follow tomorrow: I asked my distro to package libopenjpeg for me and that guy was really nice and will make the openjpeg packages available tomorrow. Right after that I will follow with new poppler packages I think.
For all those waiting already, I am planning to make up a tutorial of how you can easily build a custom CD with your favourite KDE on Windows applications so that they are installable on their own.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why Google will not achieve world domination (and why marble will do so instead)

Just some seconds ago I realized fully that this very blog was not listed in any search engine. This was due to Google's blogspot team being incapable of writing the correct description to a button. Instead of hiding my blog on the front page, the button simply set the NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW tags, which made it impossible for me to google myself!!!!11!!1

This of course doesn't happen in Marble, which can only lead to the correct conclusion that Marble will dominate the world instead.

Besides searching for my own blog I am not idle: I tried to get some opensuse packages for libepub, the library hidden in the ebook-tools which, as the name says, is used to read ebook file formats. There is some support for that in Okular, that's why I decided to make packages for everybody.
Since I am working on some more Okular-related stuff, you will probably hear more about that soon.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Amarok 2.0

With a certain delay due to my Iceland visit, the Amarok 2.0 release packages are out now. There are some more bug fixes in it which will hopefully also work under windows;-). Packages are available for both 4.1.3 and 4.1.80.
Packages can be installed in the usual way via the installer.


just today I got told that boost libraries now use cmake.
There is hope for others too, the world is not that bad.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

binaries and a trip to Reykjavik

Right before I will fly for 4 days to Iceland, I finished building recent Amarok and digikam packages and uploaded them to our mirrors. This wouldn't be possible without Christian who devoted more than a complete weekend to fix most of our packages again and now it is there - we reopened the "unstable" releases again with KDE 4.2 beta1 (version 4.1.80).

As a decision, we will from now on try to provide pre-release snapshots of software solely for the unstable part (as some software might be in need of newer versions of libraries anyway), so we currently have digikam beta6 only in 4.1.80 and Amarok in both (for a last time I think).

So if anybody is in Reykjavik area in the coming days (and likes to have a presentation of KDE on Windows or Marble) simply leave a comment...

<update>I didn't say what I wanted to say: Amarok now contains lastfm support in the msvc builds and digikam hopefully can show pictures in the msvc binaries as well.</update>