Thursday, December 18, 2008


As I already said, I wanted to work a bit on okular again and I am nearly done now.
Today and yesterday I added support for djvu-files and for Microsoft's Compressed HTML Help (chm) to okular. For both libraries there are now two patches for making them build with CMake ;-).
The library of djvu seems to work fine, chm has some problems with zooming though. I am not sure whose problem this is, but definitely that will need a clear head so I won't look at it now.

Another new feature will follow tomorrow: I asked my distro to package libopenjpeg for me and that guy was really nice and will make the openjpeg packages available tomorrow. Right after that I will follow with new poppler packages I think.
For all those waiting already, I am planning to make up a tutorial of how you can easily build a custom CD with your favourite KDE on Windows applications so that they are installable on their own.


dkrapohl said...

It would be nice to see SyncTex in a future Okular version ( ) in order to use it with kile. Are there any plans to implement it?

SaroEngels said...

no, the author of okular just told me that there aren't any plans at the moment.

Marian said...

I don't understand you. You said "I added support for djvu-files". I downloaded some djvu file and I am able to open it in Okular without any problem. So I think Okular supports djvu already. Or...?
I have KDE 4.1.3, Okular 0.7.3 in PC-BSD

SaroEngels said...

of course there is support for djvu under all *nix-operating systems. But not for the windows port - which I am working on;-).

Marian said...

SaroEngels: Oh, thank you for explaining. I didn't know it, because I came here from Akgregator and I've seen only this one spot :-)

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