Sunday, February 1, 2009


After a long time of waiting for it, I finally tried to port konsole. This was a long awaited application which is supposed to be rather useful for developers (which are currently our main target users). I am still trying to cleanup the patch and getting it into a usable shape to be committed into KDE svn. Also there are still some more problems that will stay for now:

  • for cmd.exe many keys do not work, especially delete, backspace and the arrow keys (so no command history yet). I am not sure how to do this yet, probably this needs some more internal changes.

  • for sh.exe it seems that at least the backspace key is working, but there is no output of the prompt and ls has some strange output too.

For both there is no colored output available yet.
The biggest problem though is that the konsole window can't be made transparent ;-).

To prove it, here is a screen shot:

Just another great application has been added in a porting branch into svn recently: konversation. And as _Brandon_ hasn't been lazy altogether, konversation4 already works like a charm here. You should be aware that although konversation does more or less work and it gets better and better every hour thanks to a number of people, it should not be used yet and no bug reports should be filed yet.
Some more screenshots here for those who don't believe: