Wednesday, October 21, 2009

git web

As you might know I also work on Linux machines from time to time and so I tried to set up a git server on a local machine. After two hours trying to set up gitweb I simply gave up (That costed me a lot of nerdpoints as casper pointed out correctly!). Today I invested another hour into gitweb until I finally came to the conclusion that whoever writes such a bad documentation, doesn't want any users. So I decided to search again for something else:
There are various pages where alternative projects are listed, and after having tried git-php which is either not accessible (probably a self hosted git server) or which doesn't work as well, I finally came across viewgit. ViewGit's claim is 'to be easy to set up and upgrade, light on dependencies, and comfortable to use.'. Which it really is. The point is not only that there exists a rather good documentation in the source code (as you would like to have it), there is a readable README which also tells you what to do and if you try to access it before it redirects you to the README. All in all this is what I wanted & needed - it took me less than 10 minutes to set up. Kudos to the developers.

This is what I expect from open source software. Why is the rest so crappy?

Friday, October 9, 2009

build server web

It is not new anymore that we got a build server which runs windows and regularly builds KDE on Windows. But from now on we have a webinterface for the build server which for now can be found under . This means that build results can now be tracked more easily. This goes as far as having the complete logfile for the build available, basically the same you would have if you'd build on your own.

The advent of the web interface also means a second feature I will hopefully set online this weekend: nightly packages which always return the latest state of KDE. And I also have planned some more features: rss feeds for each package & for all packages, a history for each package (so you can check when an error has been introduced, etc.) and of course an improved error searching algorithm (it currently only uses the last 20 lines from the complete log as summary).

And last some pictures: Some of the stuff that doesn't build on the right side is my fault, but of course not everything: