Sunday, January 27, 2008

free type

For Okular one needs more or less poppler, this requires again fontconfig and freetype.
Thanks to Pino, poppler has a cmake based buildsystem, fontconfig got one as well and today I finished freetype. So what should I say - fontconfig doesn't build yet under msvc, but I am currently at it.
Freetype works now though - and I think that was the major problem until now.
So look forward to a package release of kdegraphics soon.

good night


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for oKular on Windows.
I've got a KDE-critic and Windows praising friend and she is in desperate need for an application like oKular (adding annotations to PDF is _the required_ feature).

As soon as oKular with PDF-viewing and capabilities to add annotations to PDFs will arrive, I'll show her :D

Thanks for your work in advance.
I monitor progress on Win32-Plattform as I could need some KDE apps at work, too :)

Anonymous said...

why does every kde application starts more processes as kded, klauncher?

Anonymous said...

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