Saturday, January 19, 2008

Koffice - kool and unstable

Ok, here are the screenshots from my recent windows build of koffice (kdepim might follow).
Some notes:

kspread died when I entered '!' instead of '1'

kivio cannot delete objects - this probably doesn't work in other koffice apps too.

kexi looks wonderful, but is the only app from the kde project that does not detach from the cmd.exe window - why I don't know.

and last: kword does not like @ signs - this was fixed in kate already by chehrlic (function keyPressEvent) but I couldn't find it in koffice (I haven't looked a lot).

I will post the kdepim screenshots later - kmail isn't working anyway, kaddressbook has severe problems and kontact doesn't like me.

So far,


morphado said...

please please please, i need my kplato screenshot

Anonymous said...

Kexi's gui looks inconsistent with the other apps. More like an third party application, that has been added to the office suite somewhat later, but not really integrated.

It's sad that such a basic and obvious issue does go unnoticed by the dev team.

mxttie said...

and thanks for all the help ;)

mxttie said...

btw, didn't know you had a blog (which is also featured on planet kde!)

jstaniek said...

"the only app from the kde project that does not detach from the cmd.exe window"

because there is NOGUI flag in kexi/CmakeLists.txt:

kde4_add_executable(kexi NOGUI ${kexi_SRCS})

Will be removed for release...


jstaniek said...

Anon, looks like you are not accustomed with DB gui apps, please read about the reasons for the difference:

Anonymous said...

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