Saturday, January 19, 2008

Release Party

I just came home from my clausura now, and I should have gone to the Release Party at KDAB - that would have given me more.
I haven't written in a longer time now; please forgive me.
After the release of KDE 4.0 the kde-windows project decided to stay in trunk - most applications like koffice, amarok and kdepim aren't released yet anyway so no need to make other releases of the branch. Be aware that this might decrease stability - people might work more and change the codebase again.
That said - I will hopefully restart releasing new packages for mingw on my server again on monday night. There is some new stuff that works now:
Finally kdepim works again - that means applications like akregator, kleopatra and kontact work now. Kmail is built but has a big error which isn't solved yet - the checking for a running application are useless under windows. There is just one small thing for users of emerge: you have to build kdepimlibs first and then install kdepimlibs-test (from testing) over it.
then you can build kdepim.
As I said, koffice is working too, after I fixed some minor problems with the export macros.
For those of you who like some screenshots, I will post some before I go.


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