Tuesday, January 29, 2008

fontconfig and poppler

As I already stated earlier, I was recently fixing the buildscripts for freetype, fontconfig and poppler. For all of them I have a patch now which gives them cmake based buildscripts instead of autotools+derivatives and which fixes some errors so that they compile on both compilers.
Of course there is plenty of room for improvement left - freetype and fontconfig should be able to use the system zlib as a dependency (that is disabled for now), fontconfig and poppler have a lot of if(MSVC) parts now and poppler is linking against kdewin32 - which should not be the case - according to Christian. Plus I want to integrate poppler-data into poppler-src - even if that is not the original intention of the author.
It seems there is a lack of communication sometimes - direct as well as indirect (via a blog e.g.).
I hope this improves within the next time.


Brad Hards said...

If you need changes to poppler, please drop into #poppler, or post to poppler@lists.freedesktop.org

We are always willing to listen to suggestions for changes - the only real basis for rejecting otherwise sane changes is that it makes merging xpdf too difficult.

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