Thursday, March 6, 2008

Who is first on the Planet?

This is the KDE booth if no people are around:

we are playing now: who is first on the planet - it is so great!

UPDATE: since not everybody might know all the faces and since Dakon already said he doesn't know them - here the names in the first picture:
A visitor, Franz Keferböck, Rolf Eike Beer, Frederik Gladhorn (with the long hair), Andreas Hartmetz (part of the solution), Sven Krohlas and Manuel Nickschas from Amarok, above my free laptop, and again only from the back Eckhart Wörner.


Dmitry said...

Wow. Is that guy playing klines with a freshy Eugene's "KLines Gems" theme? ;)

jospoortvliet said...

Apparently the boothbox did arrive ;-)

it-s said...

Oh my, oh my! My graphics is mainstream! I'm so exited :P

SaroEngels said...

jospoortvliet: late but it did;-)
dmitry: and no he is playing kdiamonds (he says he is addicted)

nightrose said...

That "visitor" is Amarok developer maxx_k who visited us for a day.
And Sven is not on that photo. The guy in the Amarok shirt is Manuel. The one next to him is from OLPC. Don´t know his name though.

Was nice to see you.

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