Sunday, November 30, 2008

some updates

As you might know, I have been working on digikam a lot lately and today I uploaded the new beta6 packages for the 4.1.X release series; included are of course kipi-plugins beta4. Now Digikam on msvc should not crash anymore and both mingw and msvc builds should be able to add images to albums.

To improve digikam even more, I am trying to lower the start up time needed, and of course I know the marble widget best. So I can now tell you (even though this was a rather easy task) that I cut down the startup time needed by the two marblewidgets by about 19%. This is not the end yet, and until the release, tackat and I hope to get this even further down.

One thing that is rather fresh from my desk is that I succeeded to compile kile (and fixed some builderrors). This means that you can look at this wonderful latex-editor, but of course this doesn't mean anything: As I have no latex environment and neither to much time & space nor to much knowledge of latex itself, I search for somebody interested in these topics and who could try to build kile on windows as well, look how to get all things needed to run kile decently and write some tutorials and file some bugs. Somebody interested?


Frederik said...

Thanks Patrick!

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