Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MarbleTalk: How to build Marble on Windows

As you all might know I am a marblehead since some time now. As I am working most of my time on windows and I have put quite some effort into improving the build system I will now give a short introduction of how to build Marble here.

1) Set up the build environment according to the techbase wiki page. This needs some thoughts and a bit of free space (measuring in GB!!!).
2) If you're ready just emerge one of the three packages "kdeedu", "marble-kde" or "marble-qt" e.g.

emerge marble-kde

The emerge scripts will take care of all the dependencies for you. If you only need the qt-only version, just use the "marble-qt" package.
3) Look at Marble, look into the far remotest parts of the world and of course have a look at the OpenStreetMap maps in Marble (go into the Map View part on the right side and switch to OpenStreetMap).


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