Sunday, June 29, 2008

test the best!

As you might know we're currently fixing all kinds of bugs until the release and this time we even fix the unit tests under windows.
This hasn't been a high priority for us but taking the new cdash-server (thanks Alex!) for kdelibs Christian started to submit some first reports for it. I will follow tonight hopefully and I hope more people will follow, especially on the "other platforms" ;-).

Next I fixed some tests in Marble here on windows and now they run fine at least here. I think I can go over to writing more tests and improving marble even more.

One of the bad things that happened to me is a bug in either subversion or putty: I generated a new ssh key with puttygen and asked sysadmin@ to change it. But commandline subversion doesn't want to use this key now and I am not sure what I am doing wrong. The special problem is that both logging in with putty to and checkout with TortoiseSVN (with the new key) work. The problem about the key seems to be an irregular length of 2047 vs. 2048 Bits. But probably the only way to solve this issue is to ask sysadmins to change the key again.

The last thing is that slowly but steadily amarok on windows comes back: Pau (pgquiles) is currently investing quite some efforts on it and I hope for the best and for neverending success!


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