Tuesday, October 28, 2008

graphics week again

Just as a short note:
Today I fixed both a small bug in gwenview where the jpeg-thumbnails would crash gwenview on windows due to some strange issues and I build digikam and its kipi-plugins and made binary packages of it. So these can be used now (they reside in the 4.1.2 stable branch). Also in some days the 4.1.3 packages will have a whole lot of windows related bug fixes (I will blog about those later as all the people need to be mentioned). For now I just want you to point to digikam, find the bugs that are still within it (Gilles Caulier and I can try to fix the bugs, as he is brave enough to fight the demons of windows) and lets make it better and better.

Another thing I have to mention is that Torsten Rahn, Magnus Valle and Henry DeValence made some new quite awesome maps for Marble and none of them did blog about the results yet. This gives me the possibility to leak those pictures to all planetkde readers:

The Earth in Marble in 1689 (made by Magnus(wiscados) and Torsten(tackat)):

The moon of the earth (made by Torsten):

and "that's no moon!" (well it is the moon mimas of saturn done by Henry (hdevalence)):


Wade said...

* marble

Anonymous said...

woha, the ancient globe it's simply fantastic, very steampunk :)
i'm so freakin'lovin it, good job people :D

maninalift said...

Can marble deal with map data defined in a vector-graphics format or does it only support bitmapped maps?

Tackat said...

mart: Yes, the ancient globe is the one that is closest to "being feature complete now". But e.g. the moon globe screenshot is just a proof of concept version. The final one will look a lot better ;-)

maninalift: Yes. On one hand we support the age-old and very basic .PNT format internally.

For most use cases you just want to use the KML file format. Patrick had actually implemented support for LineStrings, LinearRings and Polygons.
The Rendering has still a few issues left but it should basically work already with current SVN. I expect to solve the remaining issues with the rendering in the next few days ...

Anonymous said...

Especially I like this: "The moon of the earth (made by Torsten)"

And who created the earth ? ;-)


Troy Unrau said...

Obviously the scale bar is wrong for the moons. :) If that could be fixed, kstars could bring up marble for each of the moons on cue :)

Tackat said...

The scale bar is just wrong for Mimas. It's correct for the moon of the earth.
The reason is that I put the radius of all the planets, our moon and the sun into Marble. For all further bodies the radius would need to be specified in the DGML file. However that feature isn't supported yet (but that's still planned for KDE 4.2 and easy to add).

Anonymous said...

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