Saturday, October 4, 2008

graphics week

Recently I looked over our packages again and I just remembered that KDE on Windows still misses some good picture viewers (No, Marble is not yet good for that task ;-) ). So I decided to look at kdegraphics a bit more as gwenview was still not building. I just recently wiped out most errors out of my exiv2 cmake buildsystem patch and now I wanted to try that out. And so I did - the result is that along the windows 4.1.2 packages you will find gwenview.

If I find some time in the coming days, I will try to work on digikam; we won't be able to get the gphoto support on windows in the near future, but I hope I can get that part optional so that we can have at least a starting point.
p.s.: The packages won't be ready before sunday evening I guess.
p.p.s.: Here is the proof:


Anonymous said...

Kudos !

Anonymous said...

First, thx for your work!

Second: The 2nd picture. Is this in Kandersteg, Switzerland? On the Lötschberg train to Wallis?

thx and greets from Wallis

SaroEngels said...

@Mario: yes, exactly - I took it when I was in Visp last year - with my mobile phone through the window of the car - that's why it looks so ugly....

agateau said...

Woah! As Gwenview developer, all I can say is, you rock!

Thanks a ton!

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