Sunday, March 8, 2009

Context & Trash

It has been a long time since my last blog post and this has been due to me having exams and starting to work for some weeks in Darmstadt. This also explains why package delivery is rather slow at the moment since only Christian is working on it.

He also made some other progress - he worked on the windows implementation of the KDE trash bin. So now if you look at the KDE trash bin on windows, it contains all the files you find in the windows trash bin and reversed. And best is that features like undelete work too (Christian has spend two days only to make this one feature work!).

Myself I have started a great thing too: the explorer context menu that Carlo Segato committed into svn is supposed to work for all KDE applications in the best way: clicking on a pdf document would make it display "Open with Okular", clicking on ogg files would make it use "Open with Amarok" and so on, all depending on the preferred application you set in your KDE install.

I am already pretty far with this feature but at the moment I have a severe problem: When I try to link the contextmenu plugin against kdecore library, it can't be registered with regsvr32 anymore - I get an error message stating: "LoadLibrary('D:\\KDE\\bin\\kdecm.dll') failed - invalid access to memory location". Registering it by hand does work though. So now I wonder what might be the problem at all because this already happens if I just put in a tiny KUrl which does not do anything in the default constructor. I don't seem to find what is the problem there - so if anybody knows where the problem is...


Diederik said...

Wow nice work! It's good to see you're taking integration with the native shell / frameworks this seriously :)

Anonymous said...


thanks for kde trash implementation on Windows! It will by usefull.

I'm using Kwrite, Amarok and Gwenview daily now on my windows installation. :) With this change Dolphin will be next ;]

keep up the good work!