Thursday, April 9, 2009


For those of you who haven't yet been aware of it: Christian made new 4.2.2 packages. I added packages for digikam (0.10.0 release), kipi-plugins (0.2.0 release), konversation4 (yet unreleased snapshot) and thanks to Ralf's porting also k3b (another yet unreleased snapshot). Please do not file bugs against k3b and konversation4 yet, we want to fix the obvious errors first.
Those packages are all built against Qt 4.4.3, meaning that you can't build current amarok and the koffice release candidate against it. I am planning to make some trunk packages(against Qt 4.5) though to fix this problem.
In marble I just recently could merge my geodata-nt branch which took a great burden off of me. Now all GeoDataObjects can be copied around, some of them are implicitly shared even. As this comes together with changing the (not-yet stable) API from Pointers to references, some work is still needed (it currently is far to slow to be released...). "please do not hit me for marble being a bit slower now!" ;-)


Anonymous said...

Good job! B-)

By the way Kile seems to have a new developer who works on the Windows port... maybe you can contact him to get an updated development release in the repository.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!

I've been using the windows amarok 2.1 beta's linked with 4.2.1 and they seem much more stable than the official amarok builds.

Looking forward to seeing the qt4.5 linked ones!

Amarok 2.1 SVN on Linux is a dream, here's to having that on Windows soon!

Fabrice said...

As you are working on Marble, you may want to have a look at libchamplain which is the map library for GNOME desktop. They already support many features and have nice UI :