Monday, August 24, 2009


For those of you who haven't seen it yet, KDE on Windows made another release (only some days after the official release date - it is just me who needed nearly two weeks to blog about it ;-)). We introduced two "new" compilers, first of all Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0 Express Edition and second MinGW gcc 4.4.0. There are still some drawbacks when using MinGW 4, but we hope that we can fix those soon and then we can drop the old gcc 3 series (probably together with KDE 4.4).

Personally I am currently slacking off a bit. Last week I helped my sister to move her flat and at the end of this week I will go back to Iceland for one and a half weeks meeting some friends again. If you're around there, just drop me a note here.

Some days ago I decided to start a long term project of mine and with the help of my mother who is an oracle consultant I installed a small oracle 10g express edition database on my computer. So far we could get it running via both the OCI and the odbc sql-database plugin of Qt and everything seems to be as easy as I can think of. Look forward to some interesting news concerning Marble... ;-).

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for spreading KDE to other operating systems! You are doing those of us a great service who happen to have to use a Windows machine from time to time.

I think that the installtion process should be made simpler, though. Few people know what aspell, libkdegraphics or dependecies in general are. Libraries should not be an option for installation if I chose "user" and not package maintainer. Aspell should probably be an option asked separately, chosing a default (e.g. the language of the Windows installation selected as default, others manually selectable).

I am glad to see that the installation has become much easier and ran into exactly zero problems on this machine.

Again, thank you for your dedication!