Sunday, September 20, 2009

No more hungry evenings!

Just some minutes ago I got krecipes compiling here under windows - after just a few changes (What else would you expect!). Ok, it crashed because our mysql packages are not the best, I might have to improve those, but with sqlite it worked quite well (though a bit slow).

Just to give a small impression:

To say the truth, I was never really hungry, but perhaps this program makes me cook a bit more often? - Lets see.


2ben said...

Actually one of the main issue I have with krecipes is that... It's empty :)
It would really be cool to have a kind of recipes repository where users can share their stuff, no ?


Ernie said...

I like 2ben's idea of a repository! Then all of us who use Krecipe could have the opportunity to try authentic dishes from around the world, because the Krecipe user base must be world wide, just as it is for KDE.

I compiled Krecipes 2.0 with no troubles. I am using Mandriva 2009.1. I made sure all the prerequisites (from the dependencies list in the README file) were installed before building and it all worked flawlessly. Kudos to the Krecipe development team. Also, the program seems to work well here too. No crashes, or any trouble so far.

Santa said...

#5: The Ninja

The Ninja is your team’s MVP, and no one knows it. Like the legendary assassins, you do not know that The Ninja is even in the building or working, but you discover the evidence in the morning. You fire up the source control system and see that at 4 AM, The Ninja checked in code that addresses the problem you planned to spend all week working on, and you did not even know that The Ninja was aware of the project! See, while you were in Yet Another Meeting, The Ninja was working.

Ninjas are so stealthy, you might not even know their name, but you know that every project they’re on seems to go much more smoothly. Tread carefully, though. The Ninja is a lone warrior; don’t try to force him or her to work with rank and file.

I've "discovered the evidence in the morning" :D Currently I don't have windows in my laptop, so thank you very much for make it work under windows.