Thursday, September 24, 2009

new windows nightly builds and a question about nepomuk on windows

I don't want to make a big announcement out of it, just so you know: I just set up a nightly build server for KDE on Windows in the last days, which is supposed to build all our KDE packages on a regular schedule. Thanks to Qt Development Frameworks for providing the server and especially to Maurice and Danimo.

The server currently comes with a mailing list where broken packages are announced (kde-winbuild) and I hope I can provide a web page soon similar to this one. I hope this will make it easier to see build errors early and will make the life easier here on windows.

One other thing I fell upon is nepomuk and its companions soprano and strigi. Since I was asked about it and I couldn't answer (because I never came accross it!) I decided to take a look at it. The problem I found is that under windows, the indexing part (strigi) is nearly completely disabled - this also makes clear why no errors occur. Which in turn makes also clear that soprano and nepomuk might work, but since there is no index at all, the two do not really seem to make any sense.

So what can we do?

  • we could try and fix strigi. This seems like a lot of work, since a lot of the strigi code is written without Qt support - using fork, sockets and some more non-portable stuff.

  • we could disable nepomuk and rely on the build-in Windows search - this minimizes the work, which can be spend on other targets (solid, plasma etc.) then.

If by chance the windows developer base increases by a high percentage, we could reenable nepomuk then - or if we have nothing else to do anymore.

Personally I tend to fix strigi, but what do you think?


Jos van den Oever said...

Please email me if you have a serious problem in strigi. You do not mention what the functional problem is. You only state that strigi core does not use Qt. KDE talks with strigi via either a library or via DBus through Sebastians daemon.

Bertjan said...

"using fork, sockets and some more non-portable stuff"

I guess he mentioned Qt as layer to hide ^^^ these non portable constructs.

Anonymous said...

I think that Plasma, Solid etc. are more important than Nepomuk and Strigi.

George said...

Please don't abandon Nepomuk for windows. Although at the moment, it doesn't provide much more than search features, it will be providing much more in future. For example, meta-contacts for instant messaging will soon be a feature provided by Nepomuk, which would make the IM experience of KDE much reduced on Windows if Nepomuk were not supported. (I'm sure there are other examples like this, but this one is the field where I'm working, so I know about it ;). )

shamaz said...

Well, my *personal* whishlist for the kde-win project is :
1. good integration with the os (Look&Feel). So that applications does not look 'strange' and out of place
2. stand alone installer for applications (i.e a simple KritaSetup.exe)

Nepomuk is important too... but I would giver a higher priority to the 2 things above.

Anonymous said...

Great work! I'm looking for Krita packages too.

Karthi said...

I believe there are lot of priority bugs to be fixed in Windows build. So you should be focusing on polishing things and switch to Nepomuk only when other core things are working fine.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the KDE on Windows could provide more regular updates of their applications and try to release them at same time they are released on Linux.

I'm waiting for KDE v4.3.1 and the new beta of KOffice.

I could test it...

Anonymous said...

Disable Nepomuk, I do not even use it on Linux. There has been an incredible amount of talk about what you can do with it but I never need the functionality and ATM it just eats CPU and storage.

I would choose a working dolphin with kio_fish on Windows over Nepomuk.

Raj said...

When can we have K3B on windows? Is it also part of the automatic build server?

Anonymous said...

Is K3B for windows also part of the automatic build process?