Monday, November 16, 2009

KDE Imaging Sprint

I just wanted to say that I returned home from KDE imaging sprint now and want to say thank you again to our host and the organizer of the event Marcel Wiesweg. We got quite a lot of coding done, some errors in Digikam and the kipi plugins have been fixed on Windows, so it was a really positive sprint. Some fixes are still waiting to be committed. I met some people I didn't knew in person before, which was really interesting too.
So all in all, a good sprint and I am looking forward to next years imaging sprint in France ;-).


Anonymous said...

It is so great to hear we have digiKam getting even better than now. It really shines like Amarok for photos! Kudos!

p.s Isn't the application name a digiKam and not a Digikam?

SaroEngels said...

yes, it is digiKam, I didn't really care for the correct name (to many names to remember).