Friday, July 13, 2012

transqript v0.0.1

Today I want to announce a new Qt application called transqript.
Transqript can be used to bring interviews etc. that have been recorded as an audio file into written text.
Originally I wrote it as a christmas present for my wife since the free-as-in-beer application that was recommended for this task before was only available for Windows (and my wife uses Linux of course). The second point was of course to try out some classes in Qt and have a real life test application for that. Since my wife got a lot of questions regarding transqript I decided to clean the code, add some features and make a real windows installer too. You can download the installer or the sources required to build transqript from the sourceforge page.
Please be aware that transqript is still in a pre-alpha state, that means it looks really ugly and there are bugs in it!.
If you use transqript and you find some bugs, please enter them in the bug tracker. I will try to fix those bugs and I plan to release a new version every 2-3 months.

Have fun with transqript!

Heute möchte ich transqript vorstellen.
Transqript ist gedacht um insbesondere Interviews zu transkribieren die vorher als Audio-Datei vorliegen.
Ursprünglich habe ich es als Weihnachtsgeschenk für meine Frau geschrieben, da die dafür empfohlene Anwendung leider nicht unter Linux verfügbar ist. Da uns viele Fragen nach dieser Anwendung erreicht haben, habe ich sie nun ein bisschen aufgeräumt und stelle sie nun der Allgemeinheit zur Verfügung.
Da transqript noch sehr neu ist, enthält es bestimmt noch einige Fehler die ich aber in kommenden Versionen ausräumen möchte. Falls jemandem Fehler auffallen oder neue Funktionen einfallen, einfach in der Fehlerdatenbank eintragen.

Viel Spaß mit transqript!


Anonymous said...

Schade, dieses Programm hätte ich vor 3 Monaten gebraucht. Nun habe ich die Arbeit schon abgegeben :-) Es ist aber schön zu wissen, dass es ein solches Progamm jetzt auch unter Linux gibt. Danke

Mirosław Zalewski said...

Can you post screenshot, video, longer explanation? I am especially interested on how does it make transcription easier.
Last time I had to make transcription I just put audio file in player and create convenient global shortcut (ctrl+d, AFAIR) to toggle play/pause. I wrote in OOo Writer.
Transcription itself seems to be rather straightforward task. So I am curious to learn how can it be improved.

Kraplax said...

Hi, Saro :)
How could i pass by this new app from you without even testing it a little bit? :D
But it seems that SourceForge doesn't allow me to open any new tickets on the tracker.

SaroEngels said...

@Anonymous: Das ist schade, ich hatte das Programm schon eine Ewigkeit herumliegen, ich hätte vielleicht ein halbes Jahr eher mit dem Aufräumen anfangen sollen...
@Miroslaw: The advantage over shortcuts and using OOo Writer is that you can add more functionality - like step 2 sec. back on pause etc. and, one thing I plan in future releases, that you can slow down audio. Also transqript already now has such a feature as putting timestamps into the text and, something my wife wants me to add to transqript is automatic sentence counting.
@Kraplax: I had to find out where to change permissions for that, it should be doable now.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Ctrl+Enter insert the current timecode from the audio, into the text. :)