Thursday, August 2, 2012

KDE Release Party Osnabrück and KDE Windows Sprint

Today I arrived in Osnabrück for the 3rd KDE on Windows Developer Sprint. It is hosted in the office of Intevation.
We have quite some things to do:
  • What do we want/can we do for KDE frameworks?
  • What changes in Qt 5 (in all respects there are)
  • Which improvements are needed for our emerge buildsystem
  • What improvements are needed for packagers for single app installers?!
  • a new buildserver is waiting at intevation too.
  • improvements for our own kdewin-installer

Some other nice ideas are floating around as well, we will keep you informed!

For all people near Osnabrück: we plan to do a KDE release party and we want to invite all KDE developers and all Qt developers around to have a nice chat and some drinks in the unikeller.


Djuro Drljaca said...

It would be good if the dependencies were automatically selected during installation. Maybe this is already done, but I can say it didn't work for me a few days ago.

I selected Okteta from the KDE windows installer (KDE 4.8) and installed it and when I tried to run it ... it didn't work. It was missing some dependencies (as far as I remember at least kdeui but probably also others).

SaroEngels said...

Dependencies are selected automatically especially kdeui is definitely selected.
Please check if some kind of antivirus software tries to stop kdewin-installer.

Djuro Drljaca said...

Just tried it again, now on my laptop and it is the same thing.

I downloaded the latest installer, went to repository, selected latest stable, selected kde sdk/okteta. It installed okteta and runtime (v0.0.2). When it finished I again saw it didn't create any "start menu" entries, so I went to the install folder and ran okteta and I got this error:
"The program can't start because kdeui.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

Indeed the dll is mising and from what I see I only have okteta exe file and dll-s and also the msvc dll-s.

I also checked the antivirus log file and there was nothing mentioned about kde installer.

Is there a bug report system for kde on windows to try to solve the issue the proper way? :)

SaroEngels said...

You can use the common bugzilla under .
Can you actually try out if selecting e.g. the kde-workspace package fixes this?
Please add this to the bug report!
Thanks a lot.

Djuro Drljaca said...

bug report:

Installing kde-workspace would have probably worked but why install most of KDE dependecies for a hex viewer? ... I didn't even (and wont) try it to solve this problem.