Tuesday, December 4, 2007

back from Paris

I just came back today from the first KDE-Edu Developer Meeting in Paris. After the windows meeting in september, this was my second meeting with other developers and until now, I was just meeting new people. Nevertheless it was really really useful since I am currently talking to them over irc all day. I met a whole bunch of people that are very actively developing the edu apps: like Annma, Jeremy, Albert and of course Mauricio. Since I had some problems with my kde installation I had to install everything again on saturday night and sunday morning. I held a short talk that hopefully gave some idea of my work and at last I got step, the physical simulator running.
In the week before that, I was renting some space on a webserver (1.5GB) and turned it into a snapshot server on wednesday. I hope to put the new packages online every week but I still have to work a bit on the installer, as well as on emerge since there is still an error with the name of the patch emerge script: Right now the script is called patch-; the right name would be patch-2.5.9-7.py. When I eventually changed the name in svn last weekend, building with emerge got impossible. I changed it back in r743581 and r744619.
So basically the outlines of this weeks work are drawn, my build and upload server is running, my laptop rebuilds as well.
A good week and hopefully a new post next week.

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