Wednesday, December 19, 2007


There were some packages that failed to build on monday: kdeedu and another one.
I worked a bit on it and after disabling the stuff (e.g. kdeedu docs) I finally have the packages building atm.
I will work further on the kdewin-menubuilder this week, although there might not be a lot of time left for that. And perhaps I can even integrate it into either the emerge scripts or into the installer itself. Both will have to be ready for the new years release.
In kdegraphics kolourpaint is still missing: I get some strange errors about unfound constructors (they are there but not found); basically the problem is that 'kpTransformDialogEnvironment*' is not equal to 'kpTransformDialogEnvironment**(*)()' and I cannot change it it seems.

But enough for problems, I am still missing some xmas presents so I will go and get some now.


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