Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Last pre-xmas packages

Another week has gone by and I am sitting in front of two builds again. Ok, one is behaving nice and the other one tried to stop in between - and I have to restart it now, it will hopefully workout fast though (update: not working yet).
It is known already that trolltech put their phonon backends into the KDE-svn-repository and they promised to develop them over there. That meant that on monday morning shakes told me that his custom backend worked on mingw, on monday evening I made a package of a famous application and uploaded it to my server and on wednesday trolltech announced that they put their ds9 backend into the repo. So we started again and since the stuff was written for msvc only I wasn't sure I could ever get that working with mingw - but shakes did it himself (my way was right but I had again not enough patience) and so the build was ok now. It seems though that the backend doesn't want to work good enough for me. I'll see what the packages from the package mirror say, they might be better.
On the weekend jstaniek made me compile some strange libraries we'll possibly need in future but I gave up half way as well. To be honest I wanted to work on another issue (which isn't complete though yet): The automatic compilation of .lnk files out of the standard fd.o .desktop files. So I inserted a new tool into the kdewin-installer module (there are really some tools there already which are not needed for the installer itself). It is called kdewin-menuBuilder. The last remaining problem of the menuBuilder is the Categories entry: under *nix it should be a real category which is represented in the menu by a virtual folder in which the application entry will appear. Under windows it is unpossible to make virtual folders - and since I don't like the idea of duplicate entries, I decided that there has to be another way. Probably I will take KDE as the root (for now) then the fd.o "Main Category" as the second level and the first fd.o additional category (which is not called Qt or KDE) will be the third level. That should be easy todo.
Another work string I currently have in my hands are the application icons that need to be written in the cmake files - on the fly. Today I added those to the kdegames module(which has a lot of applications to build), I will hopefully be able to work on some others this week as well.


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