Thursday, December 20, 2007

Get up Stand up

As you all know there is an outstanding new application for document viewing coming together with KDE 4: okular. It is basically a modern replacement for kpdf, new from the beginning and it can support a variety of documents you wouldn't have a reader for normally: PDF, Postscript, DjVu, CHM are just parts of tons of picture formats follow.
As always there are lots of readers available on Windows already - some are free but most are probably closed source. So okular will have to compete against adobe reader e.g. at its home.
I think that the success of okular on windows will depend on the browser integration - so if somebody reads this and knows enough about firefox, opera or Internet Explorer to make okular(part) to a working plugin - just tell me.
I hopefully can integrate that into the new years packages (but I don't think I can add djvu, postscript or chm support right now) Okular is still missing an icon as do some more applications.

Ok, this picture is basically for Pino and Albert since they both helped me a lot to come to this point.


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